CIAV 2018

21st & 22nd July 2018, Airport Varazdin (LDVA).
The largest airshow in Croatia will be held under the high sponsorship from the President of the Republic of Croatia,
organized by the Airclub varazin and co-organized by the Armed forces of Croatia
with support from the Varazdin County and the City of Varazdin.

Invited participants

To make this year's airshow better than the previous one, we've invited a record number
of foreign military airforces in hope of a positive response and a better programme.

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We're using this opportunity to invite all that are interested to help us out financially in the organizing
of the CIAV 2018 airsho - any help is more than welcome.

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For this year's airshow we expect the largest number of exhibitors,
which will enrich the air and other content on the ground.

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The traditionally largest airshow in Croatia is once again being organized by us, the airclub with the rich
aviation history and numerous successful events in our long history.



For the first time as the co-organizer of the CIAV airsow, the Croatian Airforces will be included, which will open up a completely new chapter of organizing such events in the Republic of Croatia.


Depending on the technical conditions, we'll try to offer the live streaming from the airport (currently being testing).




Taught from the experiences from the previous years, every new airshow that we organize, we're trying to make as better as possible (for the participants and visitors) - CIAV 2018 will offer new details that haven't been introduced in the earlier editions (more information soon).

Taking into consideration the co-organization from the Armed forces, we expect (and rightfully so) that we'll have the best flying program so far, not only from the Croatian Airforce, but in the attendance of the foreign military airforces that have been invited to participate.



Shown below is the list of the confirmed participants of the CIAV 2018 airshow, clicking on each item will display more details about every one of them. Regularly check back on the website and our social media pages to have the most up-to-date and confirmed information about the participants.
A table view of the participants can be found HERE.