25th - 27th August 2017, Varaždin

We're bringing back the tradition of airplane meetings to the baroque city, come join us! *

First idea

The main organizer of the Air-picnics before was Milan Šimek (1931 - 1991), pilot and the founder of the airport, an individual without whom the airport Varazdin wouldn't be what it is today.

In memoriam


The air-picnic is the unique international event that connects airplane owners, pilots and all others interested in aviation, in one place and in the pleasant atmosphere.

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The pilots / airplane owners can download the registration form in the following link, fill it out, and send it back via e-mail, at latest by the 18th August 2017

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This year's Air-Picnic, apart from the Airclub Varaždin, is being organized by the Rotary Club Varaždin 1181

Video summary of the 1969 Air-Picnic


You can see part of the photos from the previous air-picnics in the following section. The photos are original and not modified, to preserve the spirit of time in which they were taken.

* All photographs are property of the Airclub Varaždin. Any copying or reproduction without consent is prohibited.


Statements of the key persons organizing the 27th Air-picnic in Varaždin.

“Varaždin is the city of long and rich aviation history which we're trying to maintain and enrich by organizing such events that are very attractive to the general public. We're promoting the pilot's profession, which was recognized by the Ministry of defense, which gave us their full support in organizing the Air-picnic.”


Branko Komar, Airclub Varaždin President

“We expect that in the following three days the Varaždin airport will host about thirty airplanes, which the visitors will be able to see on Saturday, at the apron of the airport. At the same time, with the Ministry of defense, a programme in front of Croatia Insurance on Kapucin Square will be organized - the MiG-21 simulator will be installed there as well, for the Špancirfest visitors to experience the thrill of flying on a supersonic military airplane.”


Robert Mišak, Airclub Varaždin Secretary

“The Rotary club promotes friendship and understanding between different nations through its activities, which is very interesting to implement through the air-picnic, because pilots and other visitors from neighbouring countries are coming to Varaždin to hang out, and we hope that everybody will be able to enjoy the air-picnic, as well as other activities related to the Špancirfest. ”


Dragutin Hainš, Rotary Club Varaždin 1181 President


In continuation, You can see the featured activities that the visitors will be able to see and experience during the Air-Picnic.

Info flights

During the air-picnic, the visitors will be able to experience Varaždin from the air. As part of the aviation promotion, the Airclub Varaždin organizes info flights that are 15 minutes in duration, for new members (regular or supporting), to motivate visitors to get involved with the aviation world. The price of the flight is 450 kn (the expense being divided, if there are 3 passengers, each person pays 150 kn).

MiG-21 simulator

TheMinistry of defense of the Republic of Croatia will participate with their flying simulator of the well-known military airplane, that will be installed on the Kapucin Square in front of the Croatia Insurance building, for the visitors of Špancirfest-a to experience sitting in the cockpit of the fighter supersonic airplane, like the one being used by the Croatian Air Force.

Photographing the airplanes

You're all invited to come to the Varaždin Airport on the 25th - 27th August 2017 (last weekend of the Špancirfest), to have the opportunity to photograph airplanes of the Air-picnic participants (arrivals are on Friday afternoon, departures Sunday morning detailed schedule, if possible, will be published here and/or on the official Facebook page of the Air-picnic).

Mingling with pilots

Make the most of the opportunity and talk with the pilots (local and foreign) about their airplanes, their technical details, pilot experiences and adventures, about the aviation in general, flying, how to become a pilot or anything else tha is of interest to You. On Sunday you can see them off and wish them clear skies on the way home from the 27th Air-picnic in Varaždin.


We mustn't forget the biggest summer event in the baroque city, the festival of street walkers, which is being held on the 18th - 27th tis year. More about the programme can be seen on their official web site (HERE). The organizer of the Špancirfest is the Varaždin Tourist Board, that supports the organization of this year's Air-picnic.

Airclub stand

For the Špancirfest visitors to be informed about the Air-picnic, the CIAV 2018. airshow next year, and all other activities that are being undertaken by the Airclub Varaždin, an Info stand will be set-up, where not only various information will be available, but it will be possible to arrange Info flights on the Varaždin Arport.


Companies, organizations and institutions that support the organization of the Air-Picnic.


City of Varaždin

- partner -

Varaždin is one of the most visited tourist destination of inland Croatia, and the continuous investments in the development of economy, communal infrastructure and the social standard make it more and more of a high-quality destination as the years pass.


Varaždin Tourist Board

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What makes Varaždin special is its extraordinary monument and cultural heritage with the preserved architecture complex of the historic centre.


Varaždin County Tourist Board

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Our main task is to enable each visitor detailed and necessary information, and ensure an unforgettable vacation and a fun time in our County.


Interesting facts

0 organized air-picnics so far
0 visitors present at the Airport Varaždin (estimate)
0 aircraft participating in air-picnics so far (estimate)
0 years since the last air-picnic was organized


The activities are mostly held at the Varaždin airport, with the MiG-21 simulator and the Info stand of the Airclub being located at the Kapucin square in Varaždin.